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The International Visegrad Fund (IVF)

The only institutionalised format of cooperation between the Visegrad countries is the International Visegrad Fund; its creation was approved by the Prime Ministers of the Visegrad Group at their 14 May 1999 summit held in Bratislava. On the basis of the conclusions from the meeting, the Prime Ministers of the Visegrad Group signed the Agreement concerning the Establishment of the International Visegrad Fund with a seat in Bratislava on 9 June 2000 at Štiřín near Prague.

The governing bodies of the IVF are the Conference of the Ministers of Foreign and European Affairs and the Council of Ambassadors of V4 countries. Its administrative and executive body is the IVF Secretariat – the Executive Director and the Deputy Executive Director of the IVF. The official language of the IVF is English.

The principle of the presidency country of the Visegrad Group also applies to the IVF. The IVF chairmanship rotates among the member states on a yearly basis in the English alphabetical order of their names and coincides with the calendar year. The country chairing the IVF in 2011 is the Republic of Hungary (the Slovak Republic chaired the IVF in 2009).

The main mission and objective of IVF projects is to promote Visegrad identity and friendship between the countries and populations of the Visegrad Group, to strengthen the feeling of togetherness and mutual ties in the civil society framework, to develop regional cooperation and exchanges through joint cultural, artistic, scientific, research and education projects, to carry out exchanges of artists and young people, to support cross-border cooperation and to promote tourism.

Since August 1, 2012 the post of Executive Director of the IVF for the next three years mandate has been held by Karla Wursterová (SK MFA representative).

IVF programmes and grants

  • Small grants, standard grants, strategic grants

the Visegrad Artist Residency Programme, the Visegrad University Studies Programme

Scholarships provided under the IVF
  • Intra-Visegrad Scholarships
  • Out-going scholarships
  • In-coming scholarships
  • Visegrad Scholarship Programme for Ukraine
  • Visegrad Scholarship Programme for Belarus

  • Destination countries – Belarus, Serbia, Georgia

For more information on the Visegrad Group see www.visegradfund.org.