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Diplomatic Guide

The Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs of the Slovak Republic, acting as a primary contact and partner for the diplomatic missions accredited to the Slovak Republic, believes that the creation of good conditions for a productive cooperation and smooth operation of diplomatic missions is not just an obligation incumbent upon the host country, but also a means of developing international relations.

Our aim is to foster mutual relations in an environment of productive cooperation within the foreign policy area by setting in place appropriate conditions for the activities of foreign missions in the Slovak Republic.

This Diplomatic Guide is here to provide help, guidance and advice to members of the diplomatic corps and their families who, in accordance with the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations and the Vienna Convention on Consular Relations, are entitled to diplomatic immunities and privileges. This handbook provides guidance in various situations and offers answers and useful hints for dealing with day-to-day issues.

The following pages will take you through the role of protocol in the Slovak Republic, including the specific role and functions of the Diplomatic Protocol Department of the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs, acting as the main partner for diplomatic missions accredited to the Slovak Republic.

We hope that this handbook will prove to be a useful and practical tool for all members of the diplomatic and consular corps in the Slovak Republic.

System of Protocol in the Slovak Republic
The Inaugural Audience Ceremony
The Diplomatic Corps List
Long-term Visa
Registration of Persons Accredited in the Slovak Republic and Issuance of Identification Cards
Entitlement to the Exemption from Import Duty
Entitlement to Exemption from Tax
Entitlement to Value Added Tax Refund
Registration of Motor Vehicles of Diplomatic Missions
Driving Licence
Employment of Relatives of the Staff of Diplomatic Missions
Protection and Security
Overflights and Landings of Foreign State Aircraft
Permits to Enter the Landing Area of the Bratislava Airport
Property Management and Services for Diplomatic Corps
International Schools in Bratislava