Štátny tajomník MZVEZ SR F. Ružička na témy bilaterálnej a medzinárodnej spolupráce s veľvyslancom Slovinska G. Kozovincom

State Secretary František Ružička in Talks with Slovenian Ambassador Gregor Kozovinc about Bilateral and International Cooperation

15.7.2019 | Aktivity štátnych tajomníkov

On 15 July 2019, František Ružička, State Secretary of the Slovak Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs met with Gregor Kozovinc, the Ambassador of the Republic of Slovenia to Slovakia. The meeting focused mostly on bilateral relations, and both parties commented on the positive aspects of the recent dynamic development. “Our relations with Slovenia are exceptionally open and friendly. Our opinions are similar, and I highly praise the fact that we are able to pursue our common interests at the level of the European Union or the UN. However, we should not get stuck in one aspect, and, in addition to the political context, we should also try to advance in other areas, such as bilateral trade and economic relations, or investments with higher added value that are necessary for such small, open and pro-export economies like those of Slovakia and Slovenia.”

The partners also talked about the preparations for meetings of the highest constitutional officials of both countries and about the planned bilateral political consultations among the chief diplomatic representatives of the two countries. Among the broader themes, the most resonating ones included issues such as conflict resolution in the Middle East and the adverse situation in the northern part of Africa. The partners agreed that the desired outcome can be approximated only by means of a pragmatic and constructive approach, and open dialogue with all parties involved.