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Minister Lajčák receives the new Ambassador of Greece

Minister Lajčák receives the new Ambassador of Greece

29.9.2016 | Aktivity ministra |

Bratislava (29 September) – Minister of Foreign and European Affairs of the Slovak Republic, Miroslav Lajčák, received the copies of credentials from the new Ambassador of Greece, Maria Louisa Marinakis.
Minister Lajčák noted during the discussion with the Ambassador that she is starting her mission in Slovakia at a busy time, amidst the Slovak Presidency of the Council of the EU and when Slovakia-Greece relations are experiencing high contact intensity.


Minister Lajčák informed Ambassador Marinakis about the most recent events under the Slovak Presidency that were held in Bratislava and emphasized that Slovakia’s key principle for the Presidency activities is maintaining and strengthening European unity that, according to him, has to be present also in addressing the migrant crisis, the major challenge that the EU is now facing.


Minister Lajčák emphasized that Slovakia is aware of the position of Greece in this crisis and that the country, being in the closest vicinity of the crisis-struck Middle East region, has to bear the strongest pressure from the refugee stream from Syria and Iraq. He also expressed Slovakia’s full solidarity with Greece and reminded of specific actions taken by Slovakia to mitigate the consequences of the crisis including sending police and experts as well as providing financial donations.


Minister Lajčák also underscored that the migrant crisis is not a problem of just a single country but it is a pan-European issue that needs to be addressed in a comprehensive way and in the spirit of European unity.