On July 1, 2014, the Slovak Republic took over the one-year presidency in the V4 from Hungary. The main motto of the Slovak Presidency is “Dynamic Visegrad for Europe and the World,” which reflects our interest in reinforcing competitiveness and economic growth throughout the region.

Slovak Presidency LOGO

The Slovak Presidency logo has been selected from numerous entries to the university students´ competition. The choice of a competition as a method of selecting the logo had been chosen in order to help promote and increase visibility of the V4 among the young generation. As much as 70 students have taken part in the competition, making it an effective and successful tool of the V4 cooperation promotion.

The winning logo is an expression of dynamics and motion. Besides, this symbol has deep roots in the Slovak decorative folklore and entails bold Slovak culture features. The dove´s body and wings are formed by the V4 abbreviation, making the logo directly referring to the power of the four countries that cooperate in defending their common interests. Mutual cooperation helps them “fly” further than if each individual country on its own.
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