Overflights and Landings of Foreign State Aircraft

State aircraft

"State aircraft" within the terms of Article 3 of the Convention on International Civil Aviation means aircraft used in military, customs and police services. Operators of foreign state aircraft must observe the air traffic regulations laid down in international conventions (ICAO) and in the Slovak national legislation, (Aeronautical Information Publication – AIP Slovak Republic).

Foreign state aircraft overflying or landing in the Slovak Republic are subject to prior clearance by the competent Slovak authorities. Clearance requests must be submitted through diplomatic channels.


Diplomatic clearance

The Diplomatic Protocol Department, in consultation with the competent authorities, grants diplomatic clearances to foreign state aircraft as follows:

  • military flights
  • humanitarian and rescue flights
  • transfer of V.I.P. and official delegations
  • transfer of diplomatic mail
  • standby missions of a non-commercial nature 

Single flight/blanket clearances

Requests for single flight or blanket clearances must be submitted by diplomatic missions or ministries of foreign affairs. The terms and conditions of the blanket clearance are subject to reciprocity.


A single flight clearance is valid for 24 hours from the estimated date and time of entry into the airspace of the Slovak Republic.


A blanket clearance is as a rule valid for one year, from 1 January to 31 December. With certain exceptions, blanket clearances do not cover flights of aircraft carrying dangerous cargo (explosives, ammunition, weapons, etc.). A single flight clearance must be obtained for each of these flights. Submission of the request is obligatory for both single flights and blanket clearances.


Submitting a clearance request

Clearance requests for state aircraft must be submitted by the diplomatic missions / ministries of foreign affairs in a verbal note containing the data required in the clearance request form Request for Diplomatic Overflight/Landing Clearance. The request must be sent to:


a) Monday to Friday : 07:00 – 15:00
Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Slovak Republic
Diplomatic Protocol Department
Hlboká cesta 2
833 36 Bratislava
Tel.: ++421/2/5978 3044
Fax: ++421/2/5978 3099


b) on weekends, holidays and outside the above business hours:
Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Slovak Republic
Diplomatic Service
Hlboká cesta 2
833 36 Bratislava
Tel : ++421/2/5978 2211
Fax: ++421/2/5978 2213


The Request for Diplomatic Overflight/landing Clearance form must be submitted at least two business days (48h) prior to entering the Slovak airspace.

pdf Request for diplomatic overflight clearence  (pdf; 124.32 KB)


Notification of clearances granted

On completion of the necessary procedure, the Diplomatic Protocol Department informs the diplomatic mission or ministry of foreign affairs, as the case may be, that the competent Slovak authorities have granted a single flight clearance by sending a confirmed fax report to the applicant.
Blanket clearance requests for the overflight/landing of state aircraft are of an informative nature and are not returned to the applicant.


Other types of flights

Clearance in respect of non-scheduled flights of foreign civilian aircraft is granted by the Ministry of Transport, Construction and Regional Development of the Slovak Republic Directorate General of Civil Aviation and Water Transport, Directorate of Civil Aviation
Námestie slobody 6
P.O. Box 100
810 05 BRATISLAVA 15
Slovak Republic
Tel: ++421/2/5949 4221
Fax : ++421/2/5273 1470

The procedure for granting overflight clearance is published in the Aeronautical Information Publication (AIP) of the Slovak Republic. Clearance requests should be submitted by flight operators in accordance with standard procedures without the assistance of diplomatic missions.


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