Minister Lajčák´s Golden Plaques for Ambassadors of Indonesia and Brazil

Minister Lajčák´s Golden Plaques for Ambassadors of Indonesia and Brazil

27.1.2017 | Aktivity ministra |

Bratislava (27 January) - Minister of Foreign and European Affairs of the Slovak Republic Miroslav Lajčák received Ambassador of the Republic of Indonesia Djumantoro P. Purbo today on the occasion of ending his diplomatic mission to the Slovak Republic.  The Minister especially appreciated the role Indonesia is playing in the South-East Asia region in combating violent extremism and terrorism.  The Minister also highlighted the traditionally friendly relations between the two states –  reflected not only in vivid diplomatic relations and the intensity of inter-state meetings at senior levels but also in the increased interest of Slovak citizens in visiting Indonesia. In this regard Lajčák appreciated the fact that Indonesia provided a number of grants for Slovak university students and enables Slovak tourists visa-free 30-day stay. The Minister also reiterated the invitation for the Indonesian Minister of Foreign Affairs to visit Slovakia.


At the farewell meeting with Susan Kleebank, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Brazil to Slovakia, Minister Lajčák recalled the excellent level of multilateral and bilateral relations involving the two countries. The cooperation has recently intensified especially in trade and commerce and Minister Lajčák emphasized that Brazil is one of the most important Slovak partners in Latin America and an important investor in the Slovak Republic, which is attested to by the activities of EMBRACO Slovakia in eastern Slovakia.The fact that one of the branches of this Brazilian company has more than 10% Roma among its employees in eastern Slovakia is perceived highly positively.


For their active participation and support of Slovakia, as well as personal contribution to developing bilateral relations, Minister Lajčák awarded the Golden Plaques of the Minister of Foreign and European Affairs of the Republic to both departing Ambassadors.