Lukáš Parízek Speaks at the Regional and Economic Diplomacy Summit in Warsaw

Lukáš Parízek Speaks at the Regional and Economic Diplomacy Summit in Warsaw

9.9.2019 | Aktivity štátnych tajomníkov | Ekonomické správy

The Regional and Economic Diplomacy Summit 2019 in Warsaw, from 9-10 September, offers an excellent forum for the exchange of experiences of political and business leaders, regional officials, entrepreneurs and members of the academic community. At this event, Slovakia was represented by Lukáš Parízek, State Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs of the Slovak Republic.


The agenda of the summit focused on three themes which define modern states: self-government, economy and knowledge. One part of the conference focused on the models of cooperation between self-governing bodies, global cities and national and European sources of funding for self-governments. In the economic part, the participants discussed the expansion to the markets outside the European Union, regional politics and cross-border cooperation. The knowledge-focused part was dedicated to mapping out issues concerning education, university cooperation, science and research.


The state secretary delivered his remarks in the panel dealing with the instruments of support for economic cooperation. The state secretaries from Germany, Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic also took part in the panel discussion. “At the time when the cooperation of companies and people transcends borders and time zones, and when the volume of export and FDI influx influence countries’ economies, economic diplomacy calls for a new approach. It is true that the EU Single Market removed barriers for trade, however, it also increased the competition of producers in the common market and the demands on quality, innovation and new technologies. We can make further progress thanks to flexibility, fast adaptation to local conditions and an understanding of the needs of the various sectors,” stated Lukáš Parízek.


In the discussion, Lukáš Parízek specifically highlighted the importance of the network of honorary consulates. “Honorary consuls represent us in the countries and regions where our diplomatic service is not or cannot be present. Therefore, in the context of economic diplomacy, it is of utmost importance to select the right candidates who can efficiently help our entrepreneurs to access foreign markets,” emphasized Lukáš Parízek.


During his working trip, Lukáš Parízek also met with the Undersecretary of State for Eastern Policy, Economic Diplomacy and Development Cooperation, Martin Przydacz. The partners discussed topics of economic diplomacy and economic cooperation. The meeting also focused on the exchange of experiences from the implementation of the economic diplomacy of Slovakia and Poland.


Poland is to one of ten biggest investors in Slovakia with the automotive, furniture and energy industries being the areas of cooperation with the greatest prospects. Slovak business entities have successfully established themselves in Poland in sectors such as the food-processing industry, technologies, development and health care. Potential areas for the expansion of this cooperation are the high-tech sector, smart and green technologies, specific start-ups and projects of scientific and research institutions. As part of the cooperation between the two countries, the largest part of the funds was invested in the protection and development of nature and cultural heritage in border regions.


During the summit, a declaration for the establishment of the European Cluster Alliance will be signed. The alliance will focus on strengthening the cooperation of European clusters, creating conditions for agreements on cooperation in the areas of economy, science and technologies. It will also work to create conditions for the establishment of a European Network of experts in the area of regional and economic diplomacy.