Vision and Development Strategy of Slovakia by 2030

Vision and Development Strategy of Slovakia by 2030

23.9.2019 | Aktivity štátnych tajomníkov

At the National Convention on 23 September 2019, the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs of the Slovak Republic was represented by its State Secretary Lukáš Parízek. The National Convention is part of the public discourse on priorities and measures of the Vision and the Development Strategy of Slovakia  by 2030, organized by the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister for the Investments and Informatization of the Slovak Republic.


The Convention builds on the third session of the Government Council for the 2030 Agenda, and represents another step of the participative process of the Vision and the Development Strategy of Slovakia, with its objective of obtaining a pan-societal consensus. Top representatives of the ministries of the environment, economy, education, labour and finance contributed to the top-level discussion, reflecting primary roles in this phase of the preparation of the Vision. The invitation was accepted by representatives of the academic sector, local and regional governing authorities, non-governmental organizations, trade unions, and the private sphere.


The Vision referred to as the Slovakia 2030 document is based on four key principles: sustainability (balance between accessible resources and their use), priority of the quality of life over economic growth, effectiveness based on synergy, and integration of policies and their instruments. The necessary condition for the success of Slovakia 2030 is to maintain the balance of economic, social, environmental and good governance dimensions at all levels of domestic and foreign policy.


 “Within the implementation of the Vision and Development Strategy of Slovakia by 2030, the orientation should not be only on the 4-year election cycle. The Vision is only the beginning of our journey toward building Slovakia’s development. Therefore the homework for all of us and our ministries should be an honest preparation for effective support for this document and the development of Slovakia,” stated Parízek at the end of his address.