Slavkov Cooperation

Slavkov Cooperation (S3) is a platform of regional cooperation among Slovakia, Czech Republic and Austria, focused on their joint projects as well as mutual exchange of information and coordination of their attitudes toward current situation in the European Union.


Slovakia, Czech Republic and Austria are neighboring, historically connected countries with numerous common areas of potential cooperation. The aim of S3 is to strengthen the links among three countries for the benefit of their citizens, and provide countries’ pragmatic and concrete cooperation in the areas such as infrastructure and education.


The name “Slavkov” cooperation is originated from the historically first meeting of Prime Ministers of the Slovak Republic, Czech public and Austria, which took place in the Czech town Slavkov in January 2015.


The work of S3 is coordinated by one of three countries on the annual rotation basis.

The Work Plan, which was adopted during one-year leadership of Slovak Republic in 2017, covered 5 areas of cooperation:

  • Transport infrastructure
  • Dual education
  • Industry 4.0
  • Energy security
  • Coordination of European affairs.
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