Study in Slovakia

Study in Slovakia


This publication should – in first place – provide foreign students with the information about study possibilities in Slovakia, especially in other languages than Slovak. We asked each higher education institution in Slovakia to provide is not only with a list of study programmes offered in English, or any other foreign language, but also with a short description of the programme and information about tuition fees, if applicable. Therefore, if there is some insufficient information about any programme, or if you need any further information, we recommend you to contact the respective institution directly (for each programme there should be a contact on a person responsible, but you can also find in each institution profile a link on a website, where contacts and more information can be found).


Since the objective of this publication is to help foreigners to find a suitable study programme in  Slovakia, we have summarised for you also an overview of higher education system in Slovakia together with general information about application procedures and validation of the documents from abroad needed for the study application.


Should you need any other type of information, e.g. information about visa, residence permit, working while studying, general information about daily life in Slovakia, we recommend you to visit our website, where you can find the “International Student’s Guide to Slovakia” and also other links to useful websites.


Study in Slovakia - Study programmes offered in foreign languages


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