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Jazz in the Residence of the Ambassador

Jazz in the Residence of the Ambassador

16.9.2016 | Aktivity veľvyslancov | Predsedníctvo SR v Rade EÚ |

Summit of European Union in Bratislava and Slovak Presidency in the EU Council was the main motive of the celebration of the Jazz meeting at the Residence of the Ambassador in Havana. "Bratislava is now the center of the European Union, Slovakia is a proud Member of the EU and our Presidency gives us an opportunity to honor european values in Cuba," said Slovak Ambassador Ladislav Straka.


In addition to the EU Delegation there are 18 Embassies of the EU Member States working in Havana. Their respective representatives could enjoy the music of famous Cuban pianist Bellita Exposito who performed also at the Bratislava Jazz Festival back in 2014.