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Parízek at the official visit to Cuba following the signature of the EU-Cuba agreement

Parízek at the official visit to Cuba following the signature of the EU-Cuba agreement

27.1.2017 |

State Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs of the Slovak Republic Lukáš Parízek along with a delegation featuring SARIO, Eximbanka, SIEA and businessmen visited the Republic of Cuba on 24-26 January to hold talks with their counterparts from the Foreign Affairs Ministry, Foreign Trade Ministry and Energy and Mines Ministry. This was the first official visit after having signed the EU-Cuba Political Dialogue and Cooperation Agreement (PDCA).


Within inter-ministerial consultations, the State Secretary asked his counterparts to facilitate visa permission for Slovak businessmen regularly visiting Cuba for their work. “This step would significantly ameliorate our mutual economic cooperation,” emphasized Parízek. The Cuban counterparts promised to re-evaluate the current visa regime and its possible amendment.  They also agreed on the need for experts from both countries sharing their expertise, especially in energy and renewable resources.  Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Ana Teresita González and State Secretary Parízek also discussed foreign policy issues.


At the Foreign Trade Ministry, they met with Deputy Minister Antonio Carricarte Corona and appreciated the ongoing Slovak-Cuban economic initiatives.  Deputy Minister Carricarte confirmed Cuba’s commitment to increase the use of renewable energy resources from the current 4% to 25% by 2030. Parízek also met Deputy Minister for Energy and Mines Lule Barreira, and concrete projects of Slovak business entities active in Cuba were again at the forefront of the talks.


The State Secretary pointed to the need for a revision of valid contracts and agreements – especially in the economic sphere – to further develop mutual relations.


The tangible results of the meeting featured the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding between the Slovak Investment and Trade Development Agency (SARIO) and the Cuba Chamber of Commerce.