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Lajčák with Cuban Ambassador on joint projects and EU-Cuba Agreement

Lajčák with Cuban Ambassador on joint projects and EU-Cuba Agreement

27.3.2017 | Aktivity ministra |

Minister of Foreign and European Affairs of the Slovak Republic Miroslav Lajčák received today (27 March) new Ambassador of the Republic of Cuba to Slovakia Yamily Pity Montes, who assumed the function in mid-January. As the Minister stated during their talks, Slovak-Cuban bilateral relations are currently enjoying a dynamic period, attested to by not only a high intensity of mutual visits including the visit of the Slovak ministers of finance and healthcare last month, but also a wide range of joint economic and financial projects including the planned cooperation in energy within the project destined to reconstruct the power plant in Felton worth a total  of €50 million. “Our role as diplomats is to open the door so that business entities and economic interests can enter,” said the Minister. He also emphasized that the Slovak Republic has nowadays a very good and dynamic cooperation basis with Cuba, which we, however, plan to extend also to education and culture. 

Lajčák also stated that Slovakia has already launched the ratification of the EU-Cuba Political Dialogue and Cooperation Agreement, which was signed during the Slovak Presidency. “We promote applying this agreement in practice even before the end of the ratification process,” said the Minister who also reiterated the invitation for the Cuban Foreign Affairs Minister Bruno Rodriguez to visit Slovakia.