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Embassy staff

Diplomatic Staff
Staff MemberPositionContactAgenda
Mr. František RUŽIČKAAmbassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary
Permanent Representative of Slovakia to the United Nations
Tel.: 0012122868880 ext. 101
Fax: 0012122868419
Head of the Mission
Mr. Richard GALBAVÝDeputy Permanent Representative, AmbassadorTel.: 0012122868880 ext. 108
Fax: 0012122868419
Deputy Permanent Representative
coordination of UN matters, security sector reform, UN reform, Enhancing the effectiveness of the UN Secretariat and reform of its management
Mr. Peter AGHAFirst SecretaryTel.: 0012122868880 ext. 128
Fax: 0012122868419
UN GA 1st Committee (disarmament and international security)
Political Affairs: Latin America (Haiti), Asia (Timor Leste, Iran, Myanmar)
UN SC Subsidiary bodies: 1540 (non-proliferation of weapons of mass destruction) - expert
Thematic Issues in the UN SC: Small Arms and light weapons; mines and other disarmament issues

peacebuilding, implementation of the outcomes of the 2005 World Summit (Peacebuilding Commission)
Ms. Valéria ZOLCEROVÁFirst SecretaryTel.: 0012122868880 ext. 136
Fax: 0012122868419
UN GA 2nd Committee (economic and financial affairs)

Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) including its subcommittees and commissions (CSD, CPD, CDP, CI, etc.)

Humanitarian issues, Humanitarian aid, Slovak Official Development Assistance (ODA),
climate change,
Mr. Peter ŠELEPECSecond SecretaryTel.: 0012122868880 ext. 134
Fax: 0012122868419
UN GA Third Committee (social, humanitarian and cultural issues)
Human Rights, refugees, gender equality
NGOs, Civil society in the UN GA agenda
Implementation of the outcomes of the 2005 World Summit (Human Rights Council)
Eastern European Regional Group (EERG)
Thematic issues in the UN SC: children in armed conflicts; civilians in armed conflicts; women, peace and security, etc.
Candidatures and elections („election officer“
press attaché, Website of the Mission (substantive issues)
Mr. Michal KOMADAFirst SecretaryTel.: 0012122868880 ext. 105
Fax: 0012122868419
UN GA Fourth Committee (special political and decolonization – including: peaceful use of outer space, fight against use of mines and effects of nuclear radiation,
Political Affairs and issues on the agenda of the UN Security Council:
Middle East, MEPP, Yemen, Syria, Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, Central Asia, South Caucasus
Political aspects of UN Peacekeeping
Committee on Information
Art. 34 of the Treaty on EU
Mr. Slavomír KANTORThird SecretaryTel.: 0012122868880 ext. 104
Fax: 0012122868419
Legal Adviser to the Head of the Mission (including UN SC matters)
UN GA 5th Committee (administrative and budgetary affairs)
UN GA 6th Committee (legal matters)
fight against terrorism – legal aspects; Counter-Terrorism Committee – 1373 (CTC); Working Group on Terrorism - 1566
International Court of Justice, International Criminal Court
International Criminal Tribunals (former Yugoslavia, Rwanda) – legal aspects,
Open-ended Working Group for Effective Work of the UN SC
Parliamentary Dimension, Inter-Parliamentary Union
Administrative and Technical Staff
Staff MemberPositionContactAgenda
Mr. František BOŠKOAttachéTel.: 0012122868880 ext. 109
Fax: 0012122868419

Head of Chancery
Management of accounts and finances
Internal management of the Mission
Mr. Miroslav HALINKOVIČAttachéTel.: 0012122868880 ext. 106
Fax: 0012122868419
Communication, networks, computers
Website of the Mission (administering, technical aspects)
Document pick-up (UN, EU, etc.) maintenance of cars, driver
Mrs. Katarína JUCHOVÁAdministrative OfficerTel.: 0012122868880 ext. 101
Fax: 0012122868419
Secretariat of the Permanent Representative
Registration of property
Contract Staff
Staff MemberPositionContactAgenda
Mrs. Anna RENDEKContract StaffTel.: 0012122868880 ext. 115Protocol a administration (registration of staff, personnel issues, contact with local institutions and suppliers, protocol correspondence of the PR)
Mrs. Karin HALINKOVIČOVÁContract StaffTel.: 0012122868880 ext. 107
Mikuláš ZOLCERContract StaffTel.: 0012122868880 ext. 103
accountant help
Local Staff
Staff MemberPositionContactAgenda
Mrs. Rowena R. BAYOTLocal Staff  
Mr. Tamtomo RINEKSOLocal Staff driver and messenger

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