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Open Debate of the UN Security Council on Trafficking of Persons in Conflict

Open Debate of the UN Security Council on Trafficking of Persons in Conflict


Slovakia for effective implementation of international conventions, prevention and protection of victims of human trafficking

On 20 December 2016 the UN Security Council held an Open Debate on the issue of Trafficking of Persons in conflict situations. Permanent Representative of Slovakia to the UN, Ambassador František Ružička recalled in his statement before the Council that human trafficking was currently the third largest international crime industry, generating a reported profit of $32 billion annually - including $15.5 billion in industrialized countries. Every minute, at least one person was trafficked across international borders, he said, adding that 'we must do more than express our strong condemnation' of the phenomenon. One priority was to make better use of the existing global Convention against Transnational Organized Crime and its protocols. Equally important were the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals, which specifically addressed human trafficking; the fulfilment of international obligations concerning women and armed conflict; the protection of and provision of assistance to victims; closer cooperation between the United Nations and regional, sub regional and cross-regional bodies; the international protection of migrants; and enhanced conflict resolution. Slovakia cosponsored the historic resolution 2331/2016 adopted by the Security Council at that meeting.