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Slovakia handed over the Presidency of ECOSOC to its successor, Colombia

Slovakia handed over the Presidency of ECOSOC to its successor, Colombia

In the years 2010-2012, Slovakia had the opportunity to directly participate at the work of the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) as a member of this main UN organ. The tireless work of the Slovak diplomacy resulted in electing its representative, Slovak Permanent Representative Miloš Koterec to the position of the President of the Council for the year 2012. Slovakia took over the Presidency of ECOSOC with a feeling of great privilege and honour but also an immense challenge.

Slovakia became member and later a President of ECOSOC in times of continuing global economic and financial crisis and heightened expectations of internationally community, that the United Nations will be able to respond to new challenges. Slovakia set clear priorities in this regard: revitalizing the work of the ECOSOC so that the Council would be able to effectively react to the economic, social and environmental problems.

Through new projects and innovative approaches ECOSOC under the Slovak Presidency managed to enhance cooperation of all relevant stakeholders active in this agenda, not only within the UN system but also with International Financial Institutions, NGOs, civil society, scientific and academic community as well as with representatives of private sector and business environment.

In times when more than 74 million of young people are jobless, Slovak Presidency paid special attention to the issues of youth unemployment. Slovakia’s pro-active involvement in resolving global socio-economic and environmental issues does not end with its membership in ECOSOC.

Handing over the Presidency comes in the symbolic time of 20th anniversary of Slovakia’s accession to the United Nations. In two decades of its existence, Slovakia has worked nearly within all key organs and all main pillars of the UN work.