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What to see

    • The lowest location: Bodrog river level, 94 m above sea level
    • The highest church tower: Spišská Nová Ves (87 m)
    • The largest of the 170 castles: Spiš Castle
    • The oldest ice cave in Europe: Dobšiná Ice Cave
    • The longest Slovak river: Váh
    • The highest located municipality: Štrbské Tarn Lake, 1,355 m above sea level
    • The largest river island in Europe: Rye Island in southern Slovakia, 132,612 ha
    • The largest national park: Low Tatras National Park, 81,000 ha
    • The oldest protected plant in Slovakia: edelweiss
    • The largest and deepest lake in Slovakia: Great Hincovo Tarn Lake - 20.1 ha, 53 m deep
    • The place with the lowest annual average temperature: the top of Lomnický Peak (2,632 m above sea level) - 3.7 °C
    • The location with the highest annual precipitation average: Zbojnícka Lodge (1,960 m above sea level) - 2,130 mm
    • The first newspaper: Prešporské Newspaper, at Prešporok (Bratislava) July 1783
    • The largest village in Slovakia: Tvrdošovce (5,400)
    • The biggest wooden altar in the world: Levoča - St. Jacob´s Church by Master Paul of Levoča, early 16th century, 18,6 m high and 6.3 m wide