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Lajčák in New York on Slovak Presidency as well as the UN vision

Lajčák in New York on Slovak Presidency as well as the UN vision

14.7.2016 | Aktivity ministra | Slovensko a OSN

New York (14 July) – The Slovak Presidency of the Council of the European Union, as well as the vision on future functioning of the UN were the main topics spoken about by Minister of Foreign and European Affairs of the Slovak Republic Miroslav Lajčák at several forums and during a series of bilateral talks during his two-day working visit to New York.
Within the Slovakia´s candidacy to the UN Secretary-General, Minister Lajčák met with the UN Security Council members and answered their detailed questions on his objectives and ideas in individual areas of the UN activities.
At the UN headquarters, Minister Lajčák also gave an address before Ambassadors of the G-77 countries, the biggest grouping of developing countries in the United Nations bringing together 134 countries, and discussed the UN role in realizing development goals with them.
He comprehensively tackled the issue of the UN and its new Secretary-General in the discussion at the International Peace Institute (IPI) before the expert audience consisting of diplomats, analysts, journalists and specialists of the non-governmental sector.
“The UN is a pillar of effective multilateralism. I would like to see that this is an efficient, dynamic and reliable organization, respected and trusted by the states,” said Minister Lajčák at the IPI and introduced the concrete agenda of his vision for the UN future.
“In my opinion, the UN system has everything necessary available: institutions, guidelines, expertise, capacities and human resources. However, this system is not particularly designed for today’s changes and challenges. Therefore, it’s necessary to identify how the UN could do things better in using the existing instruments and processes more efficiently,” stressed Minister Lajčák.
During his stay in New York, Minister Lajčák as the chair of the Council of the European Union bilaterally met with Trade Minister of Ecuador Juan Carlos Cassinelli. Their talks revolved around the protocol on Ecuador joining the trade agreement of the EU with Columbia and Peru, as well as the procedure of its adopting and launching into practice before the current scheme of EU trade preferences for Ecuador expires.
Talking with his Ecuadorian counterpart, Minister Lajčák emphasized that Slovakia promotes accession of Ecuador to this agreement and will strive to do all the necessary steps to move the whole process ahead during its Presidency.
Minister Lajčák also spoke about the Slovak Presidency of the Council of the European Union with Ambassadors of the EU member countries at the UN in New York, who he informed about the Presidency priorities with the emphasis laid on promoting the Union´s interests at the UN and internationally.