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Slovak Republic heading international efforts in interlinking development goals with security sector reform

Slovak Republic heading international efforts in interlinking development goals with security sector reform

2.10.2015 | Aktivity ministra | Slovensko a OSN

New York (2 October) – Slovakia brings the security sector reform at the UN to a new level. Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign and European Affairs of the Slovak Republic Miroslav Lajčák chaired the ministerial meeting on interlinking security sector reform and the newly adopted Sustainable Development Goals held on the sidelines of the United Nations General Assembly in New York on Friday.

“Security sector reform represents a link between peace-promoting and peacekeeping activities, thus creating an environment for realizing the Development Goals – as one of them defines peace, rule of law and functional justice as a fundamental prerequisite for sustainable development,” highlighted Minister Lajčák in front of a crowd of country representatives and UN agencies.

Slovakia at the UN is an initiator and permanently co-chairs the UN Groups of Friends of Security Sector Reform. The high-level meeting on Friday was organized only a few days after the UN Development Summit that adopted new Sustainable Development Goals. The Slovak Republic in this regard strives for deeper entrenching of security sector reform in the new development agenda.

On Friday in New York, Minister Lajčák proposed creating a Special Network for Realizing Security Sector Reform and also acquired support from the respective UN agencies.

“Security sector reform remains one of the Slovakia´s priorities at the UN. The discussion today focused on better understanding of the connection between creating security environment in post-conflict areas and creating a sustainable environment for peace and economic development,” noted Minister Lajčák after the event.

Friday’s event in New York directly follows up on the February meeting of the Groups of Friends of the Security Sector Reform, also organized at the UN by the Slovak Republic, wherein more than 60 countries and institutions participated. Its participants then recommended focusing on a closer linkage between this topic and the Development agenda.

Slovakia has adhered to this agenda since 2007, when it held it as the priority of its Presidency of the UN Security Council. It builds on its own experience that a well-managed security sector reform represents the backbone of overall long-term stability and successful transformation. It especially aims to incorporate security sector reform in peace and development processes in states where the international community assists in establishing peace and peacekeeping.