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Small Grants – Media Freedom

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Published 22.07.2022

Call for proposals for the small grants 2021 No. 2

The Slovak Agency for International Development Cooperation, in collaboration with the Embassy of the Slovak Republic in Chisinau, has launched the second Call for Proposals for small grants provided to partners in the Republic of Moldova in the year 2021. 

The projects have to be in line with the Mid-term Strategy for International Development Cooperation of the Slovak Republic 2019 – 2023 and focus on the specific topic:

  1. Promoting media freedom and pluralism, increasing the professionalism of independent media and the safety of journalists, with reference on the sector priority Good governance and civil society building (SDG 16, 11);

Cross-cutting themes are integrated into SlovakAid projects and activities. Their implementation is being assessed through integration into projects and activities in the above-mentioned priority sector.  

- Environment and climate change (SDG 13);

- Equal opportunities (SDG 5).

The maximum amount of the financial support is 10 000 EUR and the allocated budget for the Call for proposals is 10 000 EUR. The deadline for sending the project proposals has been set up for Monday, 11 October 2021, 12:00 hrs (GMT+2). All the important information about the procedures, as well as mandatory annexes are contained in the attachments below. 

Financial Report
Excel 2.8 MB, 7/27/22, 42 downloads
Completion Report
Word 2.8 MB, 7/27/22, 44 downloads
Application Form
Word 125.4 kB, 7/27/22, 35 downloads
SG - Infographic
PDF 3.8 MB, 7/27/22, 60 downloads
Guidance for Applicants
PDF 154.1 kB, 7/27/22, 32 downloads
CALL FOR PROPOSALS_II_Small Grants_2021_SAIDC_Freedom of Media
PDF 611.2 kB, 7/27/22, 35 downloads