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Criminal record

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Updated 21.07.2022
Published 21.07.2022

Transcript from criminal register is a public document by which natural person or legal person proving the fact if he/she/it was legally sentenced.

Application for Transcript from criminal register can be submitted by a person which Criminal register is required or statutory body of legal person (or person with proxy with validated signature not older than 30 days). Application for Transcript from criminal Register 

should be submitted at the Embassy in person. Together with application, it is necessary to submit:

a) in case that you are a Slovak citizen – valid identification card or valid passport,

b) in case that you are not a Slovak citizen – birth certificate translated into Slovak language and valid passport,

c) in case of legal person – transcript of Register, in which legal person is registered (in case of proxy issued by statutory body with validated signature).

In case that application requires legalization of Transcript of Criminal register it is necessary to notify this request prior submitting of application and in application itself (it is necessary to provide an information in which country should be the Transcript of Criminal register used).

In case that the Transcript should be collected be other person, it is necessary to state it in the application and it should be stated if application what to collect the Transcript of Criminal register at The Embassy or at the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs of The Slovak Republic in Bratislava.

Applicant is allow to request a delivery of the Transcript of the Criminal register by post or be other way agreed method.