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Registration of death in the USA

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Updated 21.07.2022
Published 21.07.2022

It is a state register on personal status of natural persons, which were born, died or get married on the territory of the Slovak Republic and Slovak citizens which were born, died or get married abroad.

Special Register includes entries about births, marriages and deaths of Slovak citizens abroad, at Slovak Embassies, boat or plane abroad and at territories, which do not belongs to any state.


Entry to the Special Register is executed on written application submitted with

a) death certificate issued by foreign state,


b) document proving Slovak citizenship (Slovak ID, Slovak passport, Slovak citizenship certificate),


c) entry on death written at the Embassy or Register office or other document or proof.


At the time of event entering into the Special Register, the person of question should have been Slovak citizen.


The Special Register will register the event and issue death certificate, which will be sent to the Embassy. The Embassy will deliver issued death certificate to the person, who submitted the application.


Application for entry in Special Register – death

a) fulfilled application to entry death

b) legalized death certificate issued by foreign state officially translated into Slovak language,

c) document proving Slovak citizenship of death person,

d) valid identification document of person submitting entry into Special Register,

Submitting of death certificate can not be forgiven. In case that it is not possible to submit death certificate it is necessary to apply for Slovak court for decision. In special case stipulated by international agreement it is possible to declare death of a Slovak citizen by foreign court decision.


Administrative fees

Administrative fees are collected under the current exchange rate (please be attention to Administrative fees section) in USD.