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Slovak citizenship certificate

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Updated 21.07.2022
Published 21.07.2022

Slovak citizenship may be proved by

a) valid Slovak citizenship certificate,

b) valid identification card issued by Slovak Republic,

c) valid passport issued by Slovak Republic,

d) confirmation.


Application to issue the Slovak citizenship certificate can be submitted at the Embassy

a) fulfilled application to issue Slovak citizenship certificate

b) identification document,

c) birth certificate,

d) document proving personal status (marriage certificate, sentence of confirmation on divorce, death certificate),

e) other necessary documents on request.


In justified cases, a proxy of person in question or his/her legal guardian may apply for Slovak citizenship certificate. Proxy should stipulate the reason (submitting of the application for issuing Slovak citizenship certificate) and signature of person in question or his/her legal guardian must be verified by competent Slovak authority (verification by the authority of other state is not acceptable).

Slovak citizenship Certificate/Confirmation is a public document proving that person stated in it is/was to date a citizen of the Slovak Republic. Slovak citizenship Certificate/Confirmation is one of the necessary document which must be submitted with the application for issuing passport, entry to the Register in case, that the person in questions does not have valid Slovak passport of Slovak ID card.

Slovak citizenship Certificate is valid for 6 months since it was issued.


Confirmation of Slovak citizenship

The state authority, natural person or legal person may apply for Confirmation on Slovak citizenship of any person in case that they will be able to prove legal reason for this action