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The Permanent Mission of the Slovak Republic to the United Nations

801 Second Avenue, 12th Floor, New York, U.S.A.
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Tel.: +1 2122868880, +1 2122868476
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  • 13.11.2017
    Permanent Representative of the Slovak Republic to the United Nations, Ambassador Michal Mlynár opened on 13 November 2017 within the United Nations premises a photo exhibition entitled “MAMAS – Our Moms do not Need Humanitarian Aid”. The exhibition presents a development cooperation project implemented by a Slovak NGO Two-Colour World in Kenya and is aimed at increasing employment and improving education and vocational training especially for Kenyan single mothers.
  • 19.09.2017
    Together with the President of the Slovak Republic Andrej Kiska, State Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs of the Slovak Republic Ivan Korčok today (19 September) attended the opening of the plenum of the 72nd UN General Assembly session in New York and the meeting with incumbent President of the UN General Assembly Miroslav Lajčák. As for the speech of the Slovak President at the UN General Assembly, Korčok considers the challenge to come back to the principles and values defining the UN at its birth - peace and security as basic prerequisites for creating a healthy, prosperous and just society for everyone on this planet, which is also the focus selected for the 72nd General Assembly by its President Lajčák - to be essential.
  • 18.09.2017
    The UN reform is one of the most resonant UN processes. Global challenges also require global response – based on a firm and efficient United Nations. This was said in New York on Monday (18 September) by State Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs of the Slovak Republic Ivan Korčok, who represented the Slovak Republic as one of the representatives from 12 co-hosting countries of the UN management reform event, hosted by US President Donald Trump. “We are convinced that the UN reform efforts have the potential to improve the functioning of the organization, to reinforce its position and respect world-wide. The Slovak Republic is ready to support the UN Secretary-General and his team in these efforts. We are convinced that it´s necessary to approach the three reform areas – peace and security, the development pillar, and the management – jointly, as these topics are closely interlinked,” said Korčok. The Slovak Republic has long-term promoted the UN reform agenda, the aim of which is to create a more flexible and efficient organization.
  • 12.09.2017
    United Nations, 11 September 2017 – H.E. Mr. Miroslav Lajčák was sworn in today as the President of the 72nd session of the United Nations General Assembly. Placing his hand on the Charter of the United Nations, the President said, “I solemnly declare that I shall truthfully perform my duties and exercise the functions entrusted to me as President of the General Assembly of the United Nations in all loyalty, discretion and conscience, and that I shall discharge these functions and regulate my conduct with the interest of the United Nations only in view and in accordance with the Charter of the United Nations and the code of ethics for the President of the General Assembly, without seeking or accepting any instruction in regard to the performance of my duties from any Government or other source external to the Organization.”
  • 17.08.2017
    S americkým ekonómom a profesorom Kolumbijskej univerzity v New Yorku Jeffrym Sachsom diskutoval dnes Miroslav Lajčák o parametroch spolupráce počas výkonu funkcie predsedu Valného zhromaždenia OSN, ktorej sa ujme 12. septembra. „Úzky dialóg s univerzitami a akademickou obcou vnímam ako jeden z prostriedkov na naplnenie základného princípu môjho mandátu – Ľudia na prvom mieste,“ uviedol M. Lajčák. Profesor Sachs, ktorý v súčasnosti pôsobí aj ako poradca Generálneho tajomníka OSN A. Gutteresa pre otázky udržateľného rozvoja, prijal ponuku M. Lajčáka na spoluprácu počas nadchádzajúceho Valného zhromaždenia.