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Working Holiday Program

Aktualizované 21.07.2022
Publikované 21.07.2022

Memorandum of Understanding between Slovak Economic and Cultural Office in Taipei and The Taipei Representative Office Bratislava on Working Holiday Program signed 10th and 15th of April 2014 entered into force by the Slovak Government Resolution no. 424/2014, 27th of August 2014. Main aim of the Memorandum is to facilitate the necessary procedures for entry and stay of young people in the Slovak Republic and Taiwan aged between 18 to 35 years which could during holiday also study and/or work.

The working holiday program is open annually to one hundred participants from Taiwan.


Conditions for Slovak participants in the program

Information can be found on the webpage of The Bureau of Consular Affairs.


Working holiday program for participants from Taiwan visiting Slovak Republic

Approved by Slovak Government resolution no. 424/2014, August 27th, 2014

1. Slovak Economic and Cultural Office in Taipei may issue national multiple-entries visa valid for a period of twelve (12) months for participants from Taiwan who fulfill the following conditions:


a) The main purpose of the stay in the Slovak Republic is to study or to travel which could be related to possible occasional employment;

b) Being between the ages 18 and 35 at the time of application;

c) A holder of the Taiwanese passport which is valid at the time of application for more than eighteen (18) months after the day the national visa was issued;

d) Have a valid return ticket or sufficient funds for its purchase;

e) Have sufficient financial resources to ensure their stay;

f) Provide a criminal records certificate;

g) Pay the application fee for a national visa;

h) Have a comprehensive medical insurance valid for the entire period of stay.


2. Participant from Taiwan may take advantage of the program only once. Duration of stay may not exceed the permitted period of twelve (12) months and the purpose of stay shall not be subject to any changes during that stay.

3. Participant from Taiwan, which has received national visa, may be employed in the Slovak Republic for a period not exceeding six (6) months during stay.

4. Participant from Taiwan can participate in training and study courses for a period not exceeding six (6) months during their stay in the Slovak Republic.

5. The working holiday program is open annually to one hundred (100) participants from Taiwan.

6. The number of participants from Taiwan enrolled in working holiday program is counted from the date of approval of working holiday program until the end of the current year. For future years are participants counting from January 1st to December 31st.



The documents must not be older than 90 days at the time of submitting the application.

The documents must be original not photo copies.


Frequently Asked Questions:

When should I come and apply for my visa?

The visa application procedure can take some time. Therefore, you should file your application well in advance, but not sooner than three months prior to your planned trip. Visa is not issued on the same day as application is filed.

What kind of documents are required when apply for a working holiday visa?

Taiwanese passport valid at the time of application for more the 18 months after day the national visa was issued; air-ticket; declaration of sufficient financial resources; criminal record certificate in English language; application form for National Visa; travel medical insurance valid for the entire period of stay ; passport size photo

What is the minimum amount that an applicant’s proof of financial resources should state?

4.000 EUR or 2.500 EUR + return air-ticket

How much will be the visa application fees?

35 EUR (Fee must be payed in Cash in Taiwanese dollars according to the monthly exchange rate)

How to find a provisional job in the Slovak Republic? Are there web-based services that can provide related information of employment opportunity?

Participants can find on internet many working agency which can provide temporary job or internship in Slovakia.

Is that allowed for spouses of the applicants to accompany them to stay in Slovakia?

No, Working Holiday Program is for participants who fulfill the condition of the program only.

Are health checkups required to apply for a working holiday visa?


Is there any helpdesk or helpline from which the applicants can request assistance if they are mistreated by the employers?

Migration Information Centre (www. mic.iom.sk/en or 0850 211 478 - information help line available only from Slovakia)

What kind of insurance is required? Are there any preferred or recommended service providers?

Schengen medical insurance or other acceptable insurance provided by any insurance company which must have medical coverage of at least 30.000 EUR and must cover emergency medical evacuation and repatriation of remains. 

Recommended insurance providers
(pdf; 126.71 KB)


Is it necessary for an applicant to obtain a resident’s card when she or he arrives in Slovakia? If it is required, can an applicant travel to other countries from Slovakia before he or she receives a Slovak resident’s card?

Participant will not receive residential card in Slovakia. Participant will have National Long-term Visa which obliges to stay in Slovakia and travel to other countries but no longer than 90 days.


Is it possible for Taiwanese to apply for Working Holiday Program in Slovakia or other country?

No, it is possible only at SECO Taipei.

Application for National visa
(pdf; 493.05 KB)


Do I need to make appointment for applying working holiday visa?

In order to ensure quality consular services for applicants, we would like to ask you to make an appointment for visiting the consular department with the consular staff in advance. 

Please kindly notify our Office when during our consular hours and for what purpose would you like make an appointment at: seco.taipei@mzv.sk, or by phone at: + 886 287803231


What to do upon the arrival in Slovakia?

Foreign nationals who have been granted a short-stay or long-stay visa, or who are exempt from the visa requirement upon entry, are obliged to inform, within three days of their arrival, a competent police department of the commencement, place and anticipated length of their stay. EEA nationals or foreign nationals with a preferential status are required to do so within ten working days of their arrival.
If you are staying in a hotel or other accommodation facility, the aforementioned obligation is performed by the respective accommodation provider.