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Energy Charter Liaison Embassy

The Embassy of the Slovak Republic in Belgrade has launched its mandate as the Energy Charter Liaison Embassy (ECLE) in Belgrade since 26 March 2014. 

The Network of International Energy Charter Liaison Embassies has been established with the aim to support the program and the process for accession to the Energy Charter Treaty (ECT, 1994) as a part of implementation of the CONEXO (Consolidation and Enlargement Policy). The main goal of the ECLE in Belgrade is to support Serbia's ambitions to accede to the Energy Charter Treaty with the assistance of the Slovak diplomacy.

Main tasks of the Energy Charter Embassy:

  • Provide political and diplomatic support to the Energy Charter Secretariat in relation to the competent authorities of the host country with a view to its accession to the Treaty and to support the implementation of the principles of the Political Declaration  of the International Energy Charter (2015);
  • Create suitable preconditions for an involvement of the Energy Charter Treaty Member States' entities in the energy sector;
  • Inform through diplomatic channels about relevant information regarding host country cooperation with the International Energy Charter;
  • Provide logistical support to the Secretariat to facilitate the implementation of CONEXO policy.

Activities of the Slovak Embassy in Belgrade in the position of the Energy Charter Liaison Embassy:

  • Adoption of ECLE basic documents (February 18, 2014);
  • ECLE notification (April 14, 2014);
  • Active participation at the 8th International Forum on Renewable Energy 2014 Energy Charter and Sustainable Development of Serbia in Novi Sad (09/2014);
  • Exchange of experience between the Slovak Innovation and Energy Agency (SIEA) and the Ministry of Mining and Energy of the Republic of Serbia in the field of energy efficiency, monitoring and raising awareness of the need to increase energy efficiency;
  • Preparation of a meeting of experts from Slovakia and Serbia on the cooperation, including implementation of the legislative basis, solutions and experience of the Slovak Republic and the impact of ECT in areas of Serbian interest - DG Energy accession negotiations (02/2015);
  • Meeting with the Representative of the Energy Charter in Belgrade Mr. M. Terterov about the preparation of closer cooperation with Serbia - expert internships and secondment at the Energy Charter Secretariat in Brussels, as well as organization of a conference for investors in the field of energy (09/2015);
  • Preparation of a study trip of Serbian energy representatives and experts organized in cooperation with UNDP, SIEA and the Ministry of Energy of Serbia (Bratislava, 24-25 May 2017).

Serbia's activities in the Energy Charter:

  • Serbia signed the European Energy Charter in 2001 and holds an Observer status (initially as part of Serbia and Montenegro on 4 July 2001 and then as the Republic of Serbia on 23 December 2008);
  • Accession Reports were prepared in 2010 with the assistance of an expert seconded from Serbia to the Secretariat. However, they have not yet been submitted for approval;
  • On 5 September 2012, Prime Minister of Serbia Mr. Ivica Dačić visited the Energy Charter Secretariat. He expressed determination of his administration that Serbia should accede to the Energy Charter Treaty and thus to be in a position to benefit from the provisions of the Treaty, particularly on investment promotion and protection;
  • On 12 October 2012, Minister of Energy, Development and Environmental Protection Ms. Z. Mihajlović has informed on the Serbian Government´s interest to finalise Accession Reports for the approval of the Energy Charter Conference by the end of 2013;
  • On 24 April 2015, Minister of Mining and Energy Mr. A. Antić has visited the Energy Charter Secretariat in Brussels;
  • On 20 May 2015, Serbia has signed the International Energy Charter in The Hague (The Netherlands).


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As part of the activities of the Embassy for the Energy Charter Embassy in Belgrade, the Charter´s "Newsletter" is being regularly sent to e-mail addresses of interested contacts in Serbia in the Serbian language. 

International Energy Charter Newsletter



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