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Work and Holiday - Australia

On 1 January 2016, the new Work and Holiday visa arrangements between Australia and the Slovak Republic  commenced, enabling eligible young Australian nationals to apply for a National visa for Slovakia.
The National visa under the Work and Holiday programe  is for young people who want to holiday and work in Slovakia for up to a year. It is a temporary visa that encourages cultural exchange and closer ties between Australia and Slovak Republic.


The Slovak Republic will issue a multiple entry National visa for a temporary stay period of twelve (12) calendar months from the date of first entry, to a national of the Australia, who satisfies each of the following requirements:

a) has the primary intention to holiday in the territory of Slovak Republic, with employment and study being incidental rather than primary reasons for the visit;

b) is aged between eighteen (18) and thirty (30) years, both inclusive, at the time of application;

c) will not be accompanied by dependent children;

d) is a holder of a valid passport issued by the competent authorities of Australia, valid at least 18 months after your visa is granted

e) possesses a ticket for departure from the territory of Slovak Republic, or sufficient funds to purchase such a ticket;

f) possesses sufficient funds for their personal maintenance during the period of stay in the territory of the Slovakia (4.000 EUR or 2.500 EUR and valid departure ticket from Slovak Republic);

g) pays any fees associated with the visa application;

h) is a holder of tertiary qualifications, or has successfully completed at least two (2) years of undergraduate university study;

i) holds a medical and comprehensive hospitalisation insurance for the duration of their  stay in the territory of the Slovak Republic;

j) possesses a letter from the relevant ministry of the Australia which includes a statement concerning their stay in the territory of the Slovak Republic under the terms of Memorandum of Understanding;

l) complies with any health and character requirements specified by the Slovak Republic; and

m) has not previously taken part in the  ‘Work and Holiday’ or ‘Working Holiday’ Programmes in the teritory of the Slovak Republic


Slovak Republic will issue up to two hundred (200) National visas per annum to Australian nationals who satisfy the requirements under the Work and Holiday programe. 

Person who has granted permission to enter the territory of the Slovak Republic and holds National visa will be permited to stay in Slovakia for a maximum period of twelve (12) months from the date of the first entry into the territory of Slovak Republic; and to exit and re-enter the territory of the Slovak Republic for the period of validity of the National visa under this programe. He/ she can study and undertake employment or volunteer work  without a work permit.

1.    Australians to whom a National visa under this programe has been issued will only be permitted to engage in temporary employment during their stay in the territory of Slovak Republic, and have regard to the principal purpose of the stay , which is a holiday, with work being incidental to the holiday. Nationals of Australia to whom a National visa has been issued must not be employed by the same employer for more than six (6) month,  during the twelve (12) month period in which the National visa is valid. Nationals of Australia in the Slovak Republic will be exempt from the obligation to hold a work permit to exercise an activity as an employee.

2.    Nationals of Australia to whom a National visa has been issued will not be permitted to engage in any study or training of more than four (4) months duration during their stay in the territory of the Slovak Republic.

• health requirements means
To protect the Slovakian  community from public health and safety risks, you must be free from disease or condition considered to be a threat to public health or a danger to the Slovakian community. 

• character requirements means
Everyone who wants to enter  the Slovak Republic must be of good character and will be assessed against the character requirements. You must declare all recorded offences to us.  If you do not declare an offence and we become aware of this it might have a negative impact on your application.


How to apply

Using an official printed form, the visa application can be lodged only in person at the Embassy of the Slovak Republic in Canberra, 47 Culgoa Circuit, O´Malley Canberra, ACT. Visa applicants have to complete an application for a visa before coming to the Embassy of Slovakia in Canberra and book a date of application for a visa at the Embassy. If more information is required, please contact the Embassy of the Slovak republic in Canberra. Do not finalise any travel arrangements until after the grant of your visa. This is because visa processing times can vary depending on your personal circumstances.

Application for National Visa 

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