Statement of the MFaEA SR on the occasion of International Human Rights Day

Statement of the MFaEA SR on the occasion of International Human Rights Day

9.12.2016 | Vyhlásenia a stanoviská ministerstva | Ľudské práva

Every year the international community commemorates International Human Rights Day on the occasion of adopting the Universal Declaration of Human Rights by the UN General Assembly on 10 December 1948. In the follow-up to this Declaration, the International Covenant on Economic Social and Cultural Rights and the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights were elaborated.  Fifty years from their adoption by the UN General Assembly on 19 December 1966, we are calling for their universal ratification.
The Slovak Republic is a responsible partner promoting the idea of tolerance and consistently meeting its existing human rights commitments.   It is actively promoting reinforcing human rights and democracy, as well as increasing the efficiency of their protection at international organizations, especially the Organization of the United Nations, Council of Europe and the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe. 
This year we have commemorated ten years since forming the UN Human Rights Council.  The Slovak Republic has actively participated in the activities of this most important UN human rights organization; it cooperates with its mechanisms, both within the domestic capacity and in promoting priorities of the European Union.  

On a voluntary basis, the Slovak Republic took the initiative to produce a mid-term assessment of meeting the recommendations of the second cycle of the UN Universal Periodic Review of meeting the human rights in Slovakia. During its Presidency in the Council of the European Union, the Slovak Republic has responsibly fulfilled its tasks towards the UN Human Rights Council, as well as in the Third Committee of the UN General Assembly, dealing with human rights situation in various countries, as well as the first and second generation of human rights.  Slovakia actively supports the EU human rights policies, including the activities of the EU Special Representative for Human Rights Stavros Lambrinidis. On the sidelines of the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva on 16 September 2016, it organized a high-level event with Special Representative Lambrinidis in attendance on the right for education and sustainable development agenda. 
Slovakia´s experience with the UN Human Rights Council membership in 2008-11 was a motivating factor to reapply for the 2018-20 membership with the ambition to play a positive and constructive role in developing and protecting human rights world-wide. Before the elections to be held in autumn 2017, the Slovak Republic will intensively focus on introducing its human rights priorities and activities given its membership in the Council.