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The Slovak Presidency will continue with the implementation of priority initiatives within strategic objectives set during the previous Hungarian and Polish Presidency, while coordinating our work with the following Czech Presidency. Our priorities will be centred around three basic principles:
  • promoting unity wherever it is possible – we will strive to achieve a consensus in matters which we can jointly promote in a better way at European level
  • offering solutions where it is beneficial – we are interested in a mutual implementation of such projects that have a practical positive impact on citizens in our countries
  • respecting differences where it is necessary – we will seek consensus while fully respecting national interests
  • Strong Europe
  • Secure Environment
  • Smart Solutions
STRONG EUROPE is a key for V4’s further development and prosperity. With the ambition of achieving tangible results for V47 citizens, SK PRES will promote V4’s:
  • active participation in the discussions on the future of the EU with the aim of strengthening, not weakening the EU through advocating EU unity and preventing the creation of dividing lines within the EU (we favour greater engagement of national parliaments in these discussions).
  • intensive cooperation with European partners and within proven format of V4+. (events such as GLOBSEC or TATRASUMMIT will create a suitable space for organising V4+ summits).
  • active role in the discussions/decisions on key EU policies: institutional agreements, MFF, future of sectoral policies, Brexit and post-Brexit arrangements, strong position of cohesion policy and the Common Agricultural Policy.
  • engagement in building missing transport links important for V4’s competitiveness.
  • involvement in adopting practical steps in social sphere, health care and education.
  • activities which strengthen our sense of belonging to common European family.
  • strategic communication: critical discussion with citizens about the EU based on real facts. In this context, SK PRES will also stimulate cooperation with NGOs (incl. IVF).
SECURE ENVIRONMENT is one of the main preconditions for building good and stable political relations with international partners. In the last decade, the world has changed, security situation has deteriorated and calls for a more intensive cooperation in CFSP. Therefore, the SK V4 PRES will focus on: 
  • political dialogue with the WB and the EaP countries, regularly led by the V4 as the only European regional grouping. 
  • permanent support for the EU enlargement process, also through providing political and project-oriented assistance to both regions. 
  • strengthening the European security and defense (PESCO, EU Visegrad Battle Group).  
  • long-term solutions to migration.
  • restoration of the proper functioning of Schengen without internal borders.
  • energy and climate security, as well as food security (i.e. already showed our leadership in fighting the phenomenon of double food quality).
SMART SOLUTIONS are an integral part of global digital transformation. Digital agenda represents both, a challenge and an opportunity for V4, to create optimal and user-friendly conditions for on-line world with benefits for EU citizens (access to prepaid on-line services or on-line shopping across EU). Therefore, SK V4 PRES will:
  • actively react to the current innovative technological trends
  • promote circular economy and waste management as important innovative fields
  • stimulate an open discussion on these policies that will stimulate the innovation potential of V4 economies and new investments.
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