Preparations for Brexit without an Agreement by the Inter-Ministerial Coordination Group

Preparations for Brexit without an Agreement by the Inter-Ministerial Coordination Group

5.6.2019 | Aktivity štátnych tajomníkov | BREXIT

Today (5 June), František Ružička, State Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs led the meeting of the Inter-Ministerial Coordination Group for Brexit at the level of state secretaries (MKS). Representatives of individual ministries, social partners, expert and professional organisations discussed the complicated internal political situation in the United Kingdom in the wake of the announced resignation of Prime Minister Theresa May and the defeat of the ruling Conservative Party in the elections to the European Parliament. From the perspective of Slovakia, it is important to be prepared for all possibilities, including a “hard Brexit” made without a deal, regardless of the postponed Brexit date set now for 31 October 2019. “Even though the date for the United Kingdom’s withdrawal from the EU has been postponed, and it seems that the Brexit process is in a hiatus mode, it is still quite possible that, on the 31 October 2019, we will witness a no-deal Brexit. It is all in the hands of the British Government and Parliament to decide what direction to take in the coming months. A lot will depend on who becomes Prime Minister after Theresa May’s resignation on 7 June 2019,” said State Secretary Ružička to journalists during a press briefing following a meeting of the Inter-Ministerial Coordination Group.     



The discussion was mostly focused on exchanging information between relevant ministries which are responsible for taking and implementing legislative and non-legislative measures at the national and European level. In talks with the representatives of employers, trade unions and industries, a conclusion was reached that all measures – either at the EU level or specified by a relevant governmental resolution related to a hard Brexit – have already been taken and implemented or are being gradually realized. The non-governmental partners confirmed the good collaboration with the ministries, and the main challenge now is the submission of all the necessary information concerning Brexit to those citizens and businesspersons who will be affected by the new situation. Therefore, the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs has prepared an information brochure on all aspects of Brexit; it will be distributed to representatives of employers and employees, professional associations and industry organizations. “Slovakia and the EU are prepared for all scenarios -- even though it might not be possible to fully eliminate the negative consequences of a no-deal Brexit. Mutual relations will change, because there can be no full substitute for the advantages of EU membership,” emphasized State Secretary Ružička.



The next meeting of the Inter-Ministerial Coordination Group is assumed to take place in September 2019, after a new Prime Minister takes office at 10 Downing Street, and the United Kingdom has a new plan for Brexit.