Development Aid of Slovakia Seeks New Partners: A New Call for Proposals for SMEs is Opened in the Amount of Half a Million Euros.

Development Aid of Slovakia Seeks New Partners: A New Call for Proposals for SMEs is Opened in the Amount of Half a Million Euros.

7.3.2019 | Aktivity štátnych tajomníkov | Ekonomické správy | Oficiálna rozvojová pomoc

From 6 March to 7 May 2019, the Slovak SMEs with export ambitions may apply for a state subsidy from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The call was opened by the Slovak Agency for International Development Cooperation (SAMRS) and focuses on the synergies of Slovakia’s development cooperation with the goals of businesses in developing countries.


“For the Slovak companies, this is an opportunity to establish themselves in the market of developing countries backed by the expertise, personnel and financial support of the Foreign Affairs Ministry,” says the State Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs of the Slovak Republic, Lukáš Parízek. The programme’s aim is to contribute, in the developing countries, to the improvement of the social and business environment, to support employment, to increase the level of qualifications of local employees and to support competition. For the local population it also often means significantly better access to basic goods and services.


The joint projects of the Slovak and foreign partners should aim at the transfer and use of new technologies, environmental protection, the decrease of energy intensity, the increase of food safety, more ecological operations and the support of socially disadvantaged groups of the population. The result of this intervention should have a positive impact on the greatest possible number of final beneficiaries.


Applicants may be a Slovak business entities which fulfil the definition of a SME or a micro-enterprise, which can prove the existence of a partnership in the implementing country at the time of the submission of the application for a subsidy. The call is open for both starting and established enterprises. They may apply for a  subsidy at two stages of the project: at the preparation and at the implementation stage.


Grants for project preparation may be up to 10,000 euros, and the activities that an entity may implement at this stage are analytical activities, collection of the data and information or expert opinions needed in order to make a business plan or conduct a feasibility study. This includes testing of new working and technological processes, travelling to places of implementation, seminars, workshops, presentations, round-table discussions, and initiating cooperation with local partners and public institutions.


The implementation stage means establishing business partnerships and creating new jobs in developing countries. At the preparation stage, the activities also include the purchase of tangible and intangible assets, study visits to Slovakia and the establishment of branch offices of the Slovak undertakings in developing countries. The maximum subsidy amount at the implementation phase is 200,000 euros. The beneficiary must prove that there is a co-financing of the project in the amount of 20% of the ODA subsidy.


The Slovak Agency for International Development Cooperation is an organisation of the Slovak Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs funded from the state budget. The mission of the agency is to provide for the implementation of the official development aid of the Slovak Republic in line with the programming and conceptual documents of the ministry, the binding documents of the European Union, the United Nations, the OECD and other international commitments. 


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