Slovakia Historically First Ever Elected Member of the UN Peacebuilding Commission

Slovakia Historically First Ever Elected Member of the UN Peacebuilding Commission

19.12.2019 | SR v medzinárodných organizáciách | Slovensko a OSN

(New York, 18 December 2019) – At its session the General Assembly of the United Nations elected Slovakia and Peru as the two new members of the UN Peacebuilding Commission for 2020-2021. Therefore, from 1 January 2020, the Slovak Republic will for the first time ever be one of 31 members of the Commission, the core objective of which is to support peace efforts in conflict affected countries. Slovakia will thus be a key addition to the capacity of this body in context of the broad peace agenda.  InIn this role Slovakia has underlined its long-term engagement in peacebuilding and other closely related topics: peacekeeping operations, conflict prevention and mediation, security sector reform (SSR), the sustainable development Agenda 2030, the rule of law, human rights etc.


The Peacebuilding Commission was established on 20 December 2005, and its mandate comes from the resolutions of the UN Security Council and the UN General Assembly.  The Commission is intended to connect all the relevant stakeholders in gathering resources, proposing strategies for peacebuilding and post-conflict restoration. This also includes the efforts to restore and build the institutions necessary for moving beyond conflicts and supporting the development of integrated strategies with the objective of laying the basis for sustainable development.  The Commission also provides recommendations and information for improving the coordination of all relevant stakeholders both in the UN and beyond. It further develops best practices, helps to provide the needed funding for activities aimed at the quick recovery from a conflict, and provides a longer term of attention to post-conflict restoration than is usually the case for the international community. 


The Commission has 31 members: 7 elected by the UN General Assembly, 7 elected by the UN Security Council, and 7 elected by the UN Economic and Social Council. The members are also TOP5 providers of units to the UN missions and TOP5 contributors to the UN budgets.