State Secretary František Ružička Chairs Strategic European Affairs Commission on Climate Change

State Secretary František Ružička Chairs Strategic European Affairs Commission on Climate Change

25.11.2019 | Aktivity štátnych tajomníkov

Under the leadership of František Ružička, State Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs of the Slovak Republic, the meeting of the Strategic Commission for European Affairs at the level of  state secretaries took place today (25 November 2019) at the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs, in co-operation with and with the coordination of the Ministry of Environment of the Slovak Republic. 

The theme of the meeting was highly relevant – reducing green-house gasses by 2050. In the context of the preparations for the annual global UN Climate Change Conference that is to take place in Madrid and the December meeting of the European Council, the representatives of the ministries and other stakeholders, including social partners, discussed the priorities, challenges and opportunities that carbon neutrality could bring to Slovakia. 
Slovakia expressed its support for the goal of a carbon-neutral Europe by 2050 as early as at the June meeting of the European Council. State Secretary František Ružička concluded that the “decarbonisation strategy is a horizontal theme, and its implementation will require a whole set of changes and measures which will have an impact on all sectors and societies. Already today, it is necessary to define key needs and interests which Slovakia wishes to pursue at the European level, while using preliminary forecasts for the financial impact as the baseline. It is of particular importance to map out the situation in the sectors which are the most exposed in the context of emission reduction, such as transport, energy, industry and agriculture.” The process of transformation will be demanding; however, it also brings a whole range of opportunities: new labour qualifications, support of research, innovations and their application, the development of new technologies and a better quality of the environment in this respect.

The debate on the issue of the reduction of green-house gasses will continue. František Ružička emphasized: “In this regard, the new European Commission will be significantly more ambitious than the current one. We know already today that new legislative proposals are in the pipeline which may significantly influence our European discussion. Therefore, the MZVEZ SR emphasizes that we should be ready for the situation and define clearly  the priorities and interests of the Slovak Republic.”