Korčok speaks at international conference on future of EU in Prague

Korčok speaks at international conference on future of EU in Prague

20.6.2018 | Slovensko a Európska únia

Ivan Korčok, State Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs of the Slovak Republic, delivered remarks today (20 June) in Prague at an international conference on the future of the EU under the title “Prague European Summit 2018”. With his Czech counterpart Aleš Chmelař they discussed the current state of the European Union, what progress has been made since the Bratislava Summit in September 2016 and where it should find itself in five years. The state secretaries agreed that the debate on the EU cannot be isolated from global developments where the only certainty is the uncertainty of further developments. The EU is surrounded by challenges all around. The way how the EU is going to handle them, including Brexit and post-Brexit arrangements, will determine to a great extent its future direction. 

In this respect, the Bratislava Summit that was held during the Slovak presidency of the Council of the EU was a breakthrough point. “The Bratislava summit wasn’t only about digesting the shock that the UK referendum had caused, but also about bringing a strong message on the unity of the EU27 and their commitment to bring tangible results to their citizens. The Bratislava Declaration and the Bratislava Roadmap determined the trajectory of specific actions that are relevant for European integration, such as the economic and monetary union, single digital market and security and defence.  We have been gradually fulfilling the set goals but there is plenty of work ahead of us. We will have the opportunity to evaluate the progress made next year, at the summit in Sibiu,” concluded Korčok.

In this regard, both state secretaries emphasized the significance of the return of German-French cooperation for the future of the EU, which is an important impulse for further progress in many key areas. Ultimately, all member states must act jointly. “The EU must take its future in its own hands and move forward. Also, we must be aware that we have no reason to engage in a defensive discourse or defeatist mood. The EU is a successful and irreplaceable project,” stated Ivan Korčok, concluding the discussion.

This was the fourth year of the event with 200 guests participating. Discussions with civil society are a key for the future of the European project and of generating consensus for its support.