Lajčák talks with Lavrov in Saint Petersburg

Lajčák talks with Lavrov in Saint Petersburg

6.6.2019 | Aktivity ministra | Predsedníctvo Slovenska v OBSE

The Minister of Foreign and European Affairs of the Slovak Republic and the Chairperson-in-Office of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE), Miroslav Lajčák, who is accompanying the Prime Minister of the Slovak Republic Peter Pellegrini during his visit to the Russian Federation, talked with his Russian counterpart, Foreign Affairs Minister Sergey Lavrov in Saint Petersburg today (6 June 2019). The ministers discussed a wide range of topics with an emphasis on Slovakia’s Chairmanship in the OSCE and its priorities, which focus on the resolution of the conflicts in the territory of some of the participating states of this organization. Special attention was paid to the situation in the east of Ukraine, including the possibilities for improving the living conditions for the citizens there. The head of Slovak diplomacy informed his Russian counterpart about his recent visits to the countries of the Western Balkans in his position as the OSCE Chairperson-in-Office. The ministers also discussed bilateral Slovak-Russian cooperation as well as current global and regional political and security challenges. 

The ministers also talked about the proposal of a MP of the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation from the fraction of the Communist Party of Russia to grant recognition of war veteran status to the soldiers engaged in the occupation of Czechoslovakia in 1968. In this context Lavrov assured Lajčák that this was an individual initiative of a single MP. He confirmed that the official position of the Russian Federation, as it was formulated in the Agreement on friendly relations and cooperation between the Russian Federation and the Slovak Republic from 1993, remains valid. (In the preamble of the treaty reference is made to “condemning the antihuman essence of the totalitarian regime, and wishing for putting a definitive end to the totalitarian past that has also been visible in trampling over the principles of international law in 1968 and the further unjustifiable residence of the Soviet armies in the territory of Czechoslovakia”).  

Lavrov recalled that this position was also later confirmed by the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin during his visit to Prague in 2006, when he said that "when Boris Yeltsin was in the Czech Republic in 1993, his statements were made not as a private person but in the name of the Russian Federation and the Russian people. We share all the evaluations that were heard at the beginning of the 90’s.”
Lavrov assured Lajčák that the Russian Federation has no intention of changing these positions.