Minister Miroslav Lajčák Welcomes his Counterpart from Albania

Minister Miroslav Lajčák Welcomes his Counterpart from Albania

9.5.2019 | Aktivity ministra | Slovensko diskutuje o EÚ | Predsedníctvo Slovenska v OBSE


The Chairmanship of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE), EU accession talks and the current developments in the Western Balkans region: these were the core topics of the meeting of the Minister of Foreign and European Affairs of the Slovak Republic Miroslav Lajčák and his counterpart from Albania, Acting Minister for Europe and Foreign Affairs Gent Cakaj, who arrived to the Slovak Republic on Thursday (9 May 2019).


This was the first meeting since Gent Cakaj was nominated to the office in January 2019. The ministers started their talks by assessing the bilateral relations of our countries which they judged to be very good and free of any outstanding issues. Both sides expressed an interest in the further development of the cooperation between the two countries.  Minister Lajčák stated that Albania is our ally in the NATO and an important partner in the Western Balkans region as well as in international forums. Moreover, an increasing number of our citizens is also becoming acquainted with Albania as an interesting touristic and holiday destination.


The two diplomats jointly confirmed their interest in intensifying our economic cooperation and in increasing the volume of our trade exchange, which would also be positively influenced by the completion of the economic agreements currently under preparation, as well as creation of a mixed commission for economic cooperation.


At the meeting, the Minister of Albania presented the progress made by his country in the EU approximation and expressed his conviction that in June 2019 the EU member countries will decide to begin the negotiations about EU accession with Albania. Minister Lajčák confirmed our support for EU enlargement and Albania’s EU accession process; he was interested in Albania’s progress in the preparations, the state of the justice reform, and the fulfillment of the 5 key priorities, which are of decisive importance for opening EU accession talks.


The topics of the meeting also included the priorities of our Chairmanship in the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE), which Albania will take over from Slovakia in 2020. The close coordination and cooperation in this area, as well as the concrete issues the OSCE is tackling at the moment, constituted a significant part of their talks.  


The meeting also served as an opportunity to exchange views about the developments in the Western Balkans and their EU prospects.  


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