State Secretary Ružička with New Ambassador of Greece Dimitriadis on the Dynamically Developing Relations with Greece

State Secretary Ružička with New Ambassador of Greece Dimitriadis on the Dynamically Developing Relations with Greece

16.12.2019 | Aktivity štátnych tajomníkov

Today (16 December 2019), State Secretary of the Slovak Foreign and European Affairs František Ružička received the new Ambassador of Greece to the Slovak Republic Georgios Dimitriadis.

The State Secretary stated his appreciation for the dynamics of the developments in Slovak-Greek relations at various levels. In this regard he especially drew attention to the increased intensity of contacts between our countries in the recent period. “I saw the existing potential for the further development of cooperation also during my recent talks in Athens in September 2019. Therefore, I consider it important to use this bilateral interest in the further development of the relations and to reflect it in concrete projects as soon as possible,” emphasized František Ružička. Greece and Slovakia are also developing a mutual cooperation in tourism. The State Secretary recalled that “Greece has long been a popular destination for Slovak travelers; however, our goal is to attract more Greek tourists to Slovakia.”

The meeting was mainly dominated by the cooperation in the political, economic and cultural areas; however, due to the common membership of our countries in the EU and NATO, the talks also revolved around multilateral issues of the European Union enlargement, migration, as well as the preparation of the future European budget.  “Greece is our important partner in international organizations, and the ongoing efforts to approximate our positions is, therefore, natural. Our bviews Our views are identical in our assessment of the prospects of EU enlargement. The opening of accession talks with Albania and North Macedonia is in our common interest. In In the discussion on the future budget of the EU, our priorities are also very similar. Like Greece we also support the preservation of the volume of the finances allocated to the cohesion and common agricultural policy, but we also agree on the need to increase the funding for global challenges, among which is also migration. However, to do so we need a sufficiently ambitious budget,” stated the State Secretary of the Foreign and European Affairs Ministry.

The partners also specifically stated their appreciation for the constructive cooperation at the multilateral forums, especially in the area of the support of candidacies to international organizations.