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Miroslav Lajčák Takes Part in the FAC Meeting in Brussels

Miroslav Lajčák Takes Part in the FAC Meeting in Brussels

9.12.2019 | Aktivity ministra | Slovensko a Európska únia |

Today (December 9, 2019), the Minister of Foreign and European Affairs of the Slovak Republic Miroslav Lajčák took part in the meeting for Foreign Affairs (FAC) in Brussels, which was the first such meeting led by the new EU Council’s High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, Joseph Borrell. The initial theme of the discussion of the chiefs of European diplomacies was the relations between the EU and Africa; a part of this concerned the ambition of the new European Commission to pay increased attention to the partnership with the African Union. The discussion was also part of the process of preparations of the new EU Strategy for Africa, the endorsement of which is foreseen for next year. The foreign affairs ministers agreed that the new strategy must be comprehensive and based on the principle of partnership with the countries of Africa. Miroslav Lajčák emphasized that the Slovak Republic supports the effort that aims to strengthen stability, security and prosperity on the African continent. “The Union should focus on the issue of forced migration in its full context, and the distribution of political and development aid on the part of the EU should consider the need for solutions to the problems which Africa has been facing.


Another item on the agenda of the meeting was human rights, mainly in relation to the deteriorating status of compliance with them in the world, including the recently adopted measures restricting civil society and prosecuting the defenders of human rights in some countries. The ministers agreed that it is necessary to maintain the leading role of the EU in the area of support and protection of human rights in the world and assessed possible further action for the improvement of the situation in this regard. Miroslav Lajčák emphasized Slovakia’s support for the ambitious EU task related to human rights, which is a reflection of its fundamental values. Slovakia’s membership in the UN Human Rights Council also mirrors the country’s active role in the area of support and protection of human rights.


To conclude the meeting of the Council, the chief European diplomats engaged in a discussion with Josep Borell, discussing the priorities during his term of office. By way of conclusion Minister Lajčák pointed out that Slovakia has supported the strengthening of the EU position as a global player and considers the unity of the Union important. He also referred to the importance of pursuing multilateralism in the context of the current geopolitical world order and emphasized that one of the key priorities of the common foreign and security policy of the Union must be its nearest neighbourhood.