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Aktualizované 27.07.2022
Publikované 22.07.2022

Within this year's call, the Embassy of the Slovak Republic received 33 applications for the Small Grant Projects, of which 32 were relevant. 1 of the applications did not meet the basic condition for evaluation, as it was completed in Romanian. Of the other project proposals, I recommended 11 projects to receive a grant and 4 projects as a reserve, in case there were any serious problems with the selected projects, or additional funding would be allocated to other Small Grants.

List of received applications based on location in individual MD regions:  
Taraclia 6
Chisinau 12
Gagauzia 5
Criuleni 2
Balti 1
Calarasi 1
Rezina 1
Transnistria 1
Cantemir 1
Stefan Voda 1
Republic of Moldova 2


From the recommended 11 projects, 3 are projects from the Taraclia district (south of the MD), 2 projects from the Chisinau district, 1 from the Rezina district (north-east of the MD); 1 project from Balti district (north MD), 1 project from Stefan Voda district (east MD); 1 project from the district of Criuleni (center of Republic of Moldova), 1 project from the Autonomous Territory of Gagauzia and 1 project with an impact on the whole country.

Selected grant beneficiaries
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