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Diplomats read poetry

Diplomats read poetry

28.2.2020 |

London, 27th of February 2020. A special event was held at the Embassy of the Slovak Republic to commemorate International Mother Language Day.  The Ambassador Ľubomír Rehák introduced a unique publication called ‘Eternity of Roots’, which has recently been published by a London publishing house called Jantar Publishers.


The book includes a short poem by a Slovak Author Jozef Leikert translated into 33 languages.


During this event, ambassadors from dozens of countries presented the poem in their mother tongues to pay tribute to a variety of languages. Through this gesture, they symbolically contributed to a mutual understanding between nations and strengthened inter-cultural bonds.


During his speech, the Ambassador Ľubomír Rehák appreciated the philosophy of the piece, which points out the power linking an individual with their cultural roots.


The attendees left with a copy of this extraordinary publication, which theoretically links Slovak poetry to many nations in the world.


An exhibition of the collection of sixteen works by prominent Slovak visual artist Vladimír Gažovič, was part of the event.