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Inter-Ministry Coordination Group Continues Preparations for Brexit

Inter-Ministry Coordination Group Continues Preparations for Brexit

26.9.2019 | Aktivity štátnych tajomníkov | Ekonomické správy | BREXIT |

František Ružička, State Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs of the Slovak Republic, chaired today (26 September 2019) a session of the Inter-Ministry Coordination Group (ICG) for Brexit at the level of state secretaries.  The representatives present – of the individual ministries, social partners, and expert and professional organizations – had an opportunity to discuss the turbulent internal political situation in the United Kingdom, the ongoing talks in the EU, and preparations for a no-deal Brexit within Slovakia.  

The Slovak Republic adopted all necessary legislative measures so it could best prepare for the possible no-deal Brexit, to minimize negative impacts on citizens who took advantage of the freedom of movement within the EU. Based on the principle of reciprocity with the United Kingdom, our citizens living in the United Kingdom will have their rights ensured, especially the right of residence, and the right of access to health care and social security. 

“Developments on the United Kingdom’s political scene are hectic and naturally dominated by Brexit. Everything is still in the hands of the British Government and Parliament, whether it will confirm, postpone or completely annul the stated date of Brexit. We consider a managed withdrawal with a deal as the best solution. In any case we want to continue to be close partners and allies,” stated State Secretary Ružička at the press briefing following the ICG meeting.   

At the ICG meeting, representatives of the individual ministries and organizations exchanged information about progress in the realization of individual measures arising from the government resolution on a no-deal Brexit. Worries and uncertainty about the outcome of Brexit continue; therefore intensive preparations are appropriate for any alternative, not only at the state level but also among businesses that must prepare for a new way of trade that will no longer be free, i.e. free of any barriers. These must be expected in administrative, logistical, regulatory, customs and tax procedures.  “Regular and updated providing of information about certain aspects of Brexit is a necessity. Citizens and businesspeople must have access to correct information taking into account their concrete life or trade situations. The Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs has published all accessible information on Brexit on its website and continuously updates it, “ stressed State Secretary Ružička.   

At the same time in order to facilitate business preparations for a hard Brexit, the European Commission has published a detailed checklist to help companies in trade with the United Kingdom to take final steps to minimize the disruption of trade and supply chains. It mainly involves the readiness for customs procedures, the placing goods on the market, indirect taxes, sanitary and phytosanitary controls, etc. The checklist can be found at this website:

Information on customs procedures in relation to Brexit in the ports of France, Belgium and the Netherlands is available at the following websites:

Information for users of the ports in the United Kingdom and Eurotunnel is available here:

We would also like to draw the attention of businesses to the event organized by the Slovak Investment and Trade Development Agency (SARIO) on 10 October 2019, entitled BREXIT and Customs Procedures; more information can be found here:

The estimated time of the next ICG meeting is after the European Council session (17-18 October 2019).