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An evening of poetry (Jozef Leikert), music (Lukas Pohunek) and art (Zuzana Medzay)

An evening of poetry (Jozef Leikert), music (Lukas Pohunek) and art (Zuzana Medzay)

14.3.2017 | Krajania v zahraničí | Kultúrna diplomacia | Kultúrna prezentácia |

On 13 March, the Embassy of Slovakia in London organised an evening of poetry, music and art. After welcoming more than 60 guests, Ambassador of Slovakia introduced the Slovak artists and special guests who for the first time introduced the poetry by Jozef Leikert to the audience living in London. The poet Jozef Leikert together with the Irish author and translator living in Bratislava John Minahane presented the poems from the book The Cobweb of Being. A selection from the collection of poems Diminishment was recited by Ambassador Lubomir Rehak and special guests, the British TV producer Bill Peck, the Slovak actress working in Hollywood Simona Roman and the translator of Slovak literature living in London Julia Sherwood. During the evening, the Slovak conductor, pianist and trumpeter Lukas Pohunek was playing the piano. Following the poetry, Zuzana Medzay opened her exhibition When the Journey’s the Destination, which uses 2000 year old encaustic technique. The artists from Trnava in Slovakia has been creating her intuitive expressive works with this technique since 2004. The exhibition is on until 25 April.

Watch a short piece from the evening of poetry by Jozef Leikert: