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The Embassy of the Slovak Republic in London is offering a presentation of Slovak art online

The Embassy of the Slovak Republic in London is offering a presentation of Slovak art online

30.4.2020 | Aktivity veľvyslancov | Kultúrna diplomacia | Kultúrna prezentácia | Prezentácia Slovenska v zahraničí

The Slovak Embassy in London will present a live concert of a renowned violinist, Teo Gertler, to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the Schuman Declaration and the 75th anniversary of Victory in Europe. The performance will take place on Friday, the 8th of May, at 5 pm BST. It is organised in collaboration with the City of Bratislava and it will be streamed directly from the Hall of Mirror of the Primate’s Palace on the social media of the embassy. 


The talented violinist, Teo Gertler, is known all across the world despite being only 12-years-old. He has managed to perform in venues like the Lincoln Centre in New York and he has played a solo with the Moscow Philharmonic Orchestra. 


The Ambassador of Slovakia in London, Ľubomír Rehák, has decided to move all of the upcoming events to the digital platform due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Under normal circumstances, the Embassy would invite people to gather in its premises in central London, but now it can only invite it´s guests virtually, into the historic premises of the Primate’s Palace in Bratislava. Hence, apart from attending a musical performance, all of the attendees can consider visiting Slovakia personally after the end of travel restrictions imposed due to Covid19. 


The Embassy of the Slovak Republic in London moved a presentation of Slovak culture and art to an online platform. It is consistently providing information about the activities of Slovak cultural institutions and their online performances on social media.