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Wine tasting of Slovak Wine Master Class 2018 in London

Wine tasting of Slovak Wine Master Class 2018 in London

19.3.2018 | Prezentácia Slovenska v zahraničí

The Association of Sommeliers of the Slovak Republic in cooperation with the Embassy of Slovakia in London organized a professional wine tasting of Slovak Wine Master Class 2018 on March 14th.

The event was held in the Slovak Embassy exhibition hall where samples of the Slovak wine production were presented by Slovak producers to the invited guests such as journalists, and representatives of wine suppliers to the British market. The high-quality Slovak winemaking was appreciated not only by them but also by the British guests and diplomats who had shown an interest in the Slovak wine tasting occasion at the invitation of the Ambassador of Slovakia in London Ľubomír Rehák.

 After the successful Slovak Wine Master Class 2017, this year event was attended by renowned producers from several winegrowing regions of Slovakia such as Vinárstvo Berta Strekov, Velker Winery Veľký Kýr, Karpatská Perla Šenkvice, HR Winery Gbelce, Víno Magula Suchá nad Parnou, Dubovský & Grančič Svätý Jur, Žitavské vinice Úľany nad Žitavou, Repa Winery Šenkvice, Château Rúbaň, and Zámocké vinárstvo Pezinok. Their presentations of the wines were assisted by Slovak sommeliers who are currently working in the United Kingdom.
Experts appreciated the high quality of traditional grapevine varieties as well as the newly cultivated clones, being typical of the Slovak regions as for instance Danube, Devin, Alibernet, Milia, Hron and others.

The winemaking traditions in Slovakia which date back to the 7th century BC are experiencing their Renaissance these days. The first importers of Slovak wines, including the unique Slovak Tokaj Wine, have already appeared in the United Kingdom.