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Times Literary Supplement about Slovak poet

Times Literary Supplement about Slovak poet


The latest article “Woe to the victors” published in Times Literary Supplement, written by Zuzana Slobodova presents a review of translation of Hviezdoslav´s Bloody Sonets.

Pavol Országh Hviezdoslav as one of the major First World War poets, used robust analogies to explain his disdain for the war. He warned Europeans of committing acts of treason against their own peers and greed as the main driving force for the seemingly never-ending war. While Hviezdoslav remains relatively unknown on a global scale, he is considered to be one of the greatest Slovak poets. The difficulty of Hviezdoslav’s language has discouraged translators from attempting to convey his work to other audiences. The translators that did decide to undertake this difficult task only managed to yield mediocre results until John Minahane, who chose to sacrifice some of the melody and vocabulary used in the original in order to convey the forcefulness of their underlying message. The power and ominous predictions represented in the second part of the collection gathered in significance with passing years, truly highlighting the profound meaning of The Bloody Sonnets.