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Foreign Ministry recommends citizens to ask for individual passports for their children

Foreign Ministry recommends citizens to ask for individual passports for their children


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Slovak Republic recommends the parents who plan to travel outside of the Slovak Republic with their children after June 26, 2012 to have individual passports issued for their children. As of June 26, 2012, the Directive of the European Parliament and of the Council obliging member states to issue passports only as individual travel documents comes into force. This European legislation will take precedence over the Slovak Act on Travel Documents that has thus far enabled children to be entered under parents’ passports. In practice, it means that as of June 26, 2012, representation of the Slovak Republic abroad and the respective bodies of the Police Corps of the Slovak Republic will not make entries in parents’ passports for children younger than five years of age anymore.

The Slovak Republic and some other EU members’ states think that it will be possible to travel abroad without an individual travel document if a child has been entered into his parents’ passports by June 25, 2012, and travels from Slovakia with the parent in whose passport the child is entered. However, Slovakia has already received signals at present that after June 26, 2012 some other states in the Schengen Area will not accept children entered in their parents’ passports, i.e. they will strictly ask that every child, regardless age, has their own passport. Therefore, Slovak citizens might encounter serious problems mainly when crossing external borders of the Schengen Area in some other member states if their children, even younger than five, do not have their own travel documents.