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SR-China: Interest in turning good political relationships into concrete economic outcomes

SR-China: Interest in turning good political relationships into concrete economic outcomes

4.2.2015 | Aktivity ministra |

Beijing (4 February 2015) – Slovakia and China are prepared to intensify mutual cooperation and move their relationships to yet a higher level. This was the result of negotiations by Miroslav Lajčák, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign and European Affairs of the Slovak Republic, who arrived in China upon an invitation from his counterpart Wang Yi. This is the first official visit since 2008 by the head of Slovak diplomacy in Beijing.

“My visit in Beijing and Shanghai reflects Slovakia’s determination to develop yet closer relationships with China. We and our partners have sought to bring more positive impetus in our relations with the aim to interlink political dialogue with economic cooperation,” stated Minister Lajčák after talks with Wang Yi, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the People’s Republic of China in Beijing. “Our relations have received a new impetus,” stated the Chinese minister after the discussions.

“Last year we remembered the 65th anniversary of establishing diplomatic relations and we have started this year with the intent to give them dynamic development and turn them into palpable outcomes in the economic area,” stated Minister Lajčák. He added that the cooperation priorities with China include bilateral trade and promotion of investment and business activities from both sides, especially of those with a higher added value.

Minister Lajčák is in Beijing at the time of the beginning of calendar spring in the country. His Chinese counterpart pointed out in this regard the Chinese proverb that says a good start in the spring brings a successful year. Along that line, China attributes much importance to its relationships with Slovakia and is ready to strengthen them. An expression of the bilateral effort for more intensive contact is also the already prepared visit to Beijing by Robert Fico, the Prime Minister of Slovakia, in the course of this year.

Minister Lajčák and his Chinese partners also agreed on the beginning of more cooperation in the V4 + China format that is already in the program during the present Slovak presidency of the Visegrad Four. The minister also appreciated the intensively developing cooperation between China and 16 Central and Eastern European countries, including Slovakia, under a joint format that has developed dynamically and has been displaying considerable potential.

The Slovak minister, in discussion with his Chinese counterpart, also touched upon regional and international issues such as the crisis in Ukraine and other current global political challenges: “We recognize the growing role of China on the regional and global scale. Slovakia supports more significant engagement by China in global topics,” emphasized Minister Lajčák.

The conclusion of Minister Lajčák’s stay in China included a meeting with Yang Jiechi, State Councilor for Foreign Policy, who appreciated the personal contribution by Slovakia’s foreign minister to a higher quality of bilateral relations and pointed out the potential for cooperation, especially in the automotive, electro-technical and telecommunication industries.

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