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Visegrad movies made Riga laugh

Visegrad movies made Riga laugh

14.11.2019 | Kultúrna diplomacia | Kultúrna prezentácia | Prezentácia Slovenska v zahraničí

The laughter was the common feature of the 6th edition of Visegrad Film Days in Riga with each country presenting one comedy. The event kicked off with Czech movie “Kolja” on Thursday 12 November.


Slovakia has showcased this year a Viktor Csudai motion picture “Vojtech” screened on Wednesday 13 November wrapping up the whole event. Movie lovers had a chance to see a story of a forty-something tragicomic hero searching for love.


The film days take place regularly in Riga in a well-known art cinema K. Suns with its own dedicated audience. Visegrad films thus made their way again to local cinema enthusiasts.