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Permanent Delegation of the Slovak Republic to NATO in Brussels

Boulevard Leopold III, NATO HQ, Brussels, Belgium
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Tel.: +32 27072735
Fax: +32 27072742


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  • 30.11.2017
    State Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs SR, Ivan Korčok, presented new initiatives for more intensive communication of the foreign and European policy priorities of the Slovak Republic in the premises of the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs SR today (30 November). “Slovakia is an integral part of the EU and NATO, a certain civilization area to which we avow and belong. Yet, we do perceive certain overpressure of information that is not always true. In conducting our activities we would like to offer people fundamental information about the benefits we draw from our membership and how much it costs,” said Korčok in that regard. Active communication about Slovakia’s clear pro-European and pro-Atlantic orientation is in line with the joint statement by the country’s three top constitutional officials.
  • 22.05.2017
    The Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs of the Slovak Republic sees an increasing interest by the public on issues related to Slovakia’s integration and anchors in western organizations. For that reason the ministry has been intensifying public communication about Slovakia’s positions and interests within the EU and NATO and also about the benefits for SR’s citizens of membership in these integration groupings.
  • 31.03.2017
    Coordination of NATO’s key positions before the May Alliance Summit in Brussels, NATO’s roles in the fight against terrorism, including stabilization of Iraq, Syria and Libya as well as modalities of dialogue with Russia and the security situation in the eastern regions of Ukraine were the key topics of discussions by foreign affairs ministers of NATO-member countries in Brussels today (31 March). The Slovak Republic was represented by Miroslav Lajčák, Minister of Foreign and European Affairs SR, in this meeting.
  • 24.01.2017
    Valletta (24 January) – On 23-24 January, an informal meeting of EU ministers and state secretaries was held in the Maltese capital Valletta to openly discuss the Maltese Presidency priorities and the EU of the future. The Slovak Republic was represented by State Secretary of the Slovak Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs and the Government Proxy for the Slovak Presidency of the Council of the EU Ivan Korčok.
  • 07.12.2016
    (Brussels, 7 December) – The NATO foreign affairs ministers continued their session in Brussels today, meeting with Foreign Minister of Ukraine Pavlo Klimkin and discussing the Resolute Support operation in Afghanistan. Slovakia was represented by Minister of Foreign and European Affairs Miroslav Lajčák. NATO appreciated implementation of the Ukrainian defense sector reforms. It also sent a clear message to its Ukrainian counterpart that it expects more rapid reforms with respect to fighting corruption and in the justice system. Minister Lajčák highlighted the existing support by Slovakia in energy security and the leading role of the Slovak Republic in the NATO trust fund involving disposal of unexploded ammunition in Ukraine. Several allies confirmed their financial contributions to this fund at the session today.